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At CXFort, our mission is to connect your players with your brand and with your team. We understand your players because we are your player. We want your players to have the best experience. We are CXFort, and we are here to help!


Multi-channel, multi-language 24/7 Customer Support

CXFort cloud-based turnkey solution for customer support removes the complexity of deploying omnichannel solutions with flexible SLA package options to choose from to deliver better CX. We are specialised in providing high-end customer support solutions, with a commitment to quality and a data-driven approach.

Multi-channel & multi-language

Livechat, Phone, Email, Telegram or WhatsApp. Our customer support service cover all channels and all languages you need to connect with your customers. 


Service availability is a crucial variable of Customer Experience excellence. Whether you target multiple time zones or need an always-on support line, we got you covered.

Chatbot - AI agent development

At CXFort, we have extensive experience in designing customer support chatbots. We love Intelligence!

Let AI agents engage your players and resolve frequently asked questions. Reduce live-agent chats and phone calls!

Bot building

We work with your team to create custom intent models tailored for your brand to maximise the NLU/NLP performance. Suppose you want to take a step to the future and impress your customers. In that case, our bot framework can also integrate with your back office to answer complex questions and for a humanised, personal chatting experience.

Bot maintenance

AI agent learns more about your brand and products by chatting with your players every day. We monitor, train and maintain your AI agent daily to improve intent detection and entity extraction.

Bot Analytics

Measuring bot success is very important. We provide advanced reports to give you full transparency into the efficiency of the bot.



Outbound sales for player conversion and re-activation

We manage your player convertion and re-activation campaigns through our experienced outbound team, providing information on your brand, prospecting an effective sale, conducting Telemarketing, more than just a Telesales management.

Conversion calls

We consider conversion calls as welcome calls, and we focus on introducing your brand and games to players. Conversion calls are great for the player who still didnt make their mind to play on your site.

Re-activation calls

Newsletters or other similar channels are not always the most effective way to reach to churned players. Let us be a part of your re-activation campaign journeys and give a call to your players. Churn is usually triggered with a dissatisfaction. We help your brand teams to understand player dissatisfaction and re-connect players with your brand.

Personal account management for Key Account players

VIP relations management is an essential part of CRM. Our Key Account Manager experts builds a strong and long lasting relation with your VIP players, and assure they have the best experience on your brand site.


We believe in the power of one-to-one communication to build trust and loyalty for your brands. Our Key Account Managers are proud to be your players friend and advocate with the brand.



Payment method and provider relationship management

Our PSP relations team is connected with more than 100 payment solution providers worldwide. We help you to maximise the customer acceptance rate of your brand.

Payments solution Consultancy

Are you planning for a new market? Or, looking for new payment options to increase your strength in an existing market? We can help you to find & onboard payment options and service provides you need to achieve your goal.

Account & Relationship management

We can also help you to manage your existing PSP portfolio. Our PSP relations team has a great experience in its field and ready to help to you.

Machine learning and automation systems management for Payments

Back-office automation tools are getting more advanced every day. With the advancement of ML and AI systems majority of the payment transactions are now being processed by Robots. ML models enables the implementation of complex AML models. 


60-90% of your payment agent’s work can be automized by us. We begin with analyzing your payment procedures and back-office tools to set the automation scope. After the analyses we focus on the implementation of core and frequently used procedures to assure immediate ROI.


Automation rules/models require constant maintenance and optimization. We monitor and analyze your payments platform performance, and optimize processing rules/models. 



Quality Assurance

QA is the ongoing process of monitoring, analysing, and improving our work. It’s a crucial final pulse check that helps you measure the quality of services we are providing you.

QA checks

Our QA team works with your brand team to create conversation rating templates for different communication channels and tasks. We randomly select agent communications and rate them to make sure that content is inline with your standards and the voice is matching your brand image.


Every day, we capture tremendous amount of data, full of feedbacks and stories about your brand, from your players. We value the importance of reporting to feed you back with this information. Reporting is not just about SLA’s and volumes, we take it to a next level to be the voice of your players.